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Radiant Electric Heating by Danfoss

LX Electric Floor Heating

The perfect solution for remodelling, renovation or new construction.  When iit's cold outside, imagine feeling the warmth of the floors radiating underfoot.  An affordable luxury that brings added comfort.

Danfoss radiant floor heating offers:
    -Easy installation
    -For any room in the home
    -For any type of flooring
    -Less dust in the air
    -10-20 year warranties

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GX Snow Melting

The Danfoss GX Snow Melting System provides a permanent solution to safety problems caused by cold weather.  The GX Snow Melting System is an on demand system that provides instananeous relief from snow build-up and ice-forming.  

The Danfoss GX Snow Melting System improves your bottom line...reduced labor and machinery costs associated with clearing snow and ice.  And, there is no need for costly snow melting chemicals that can damage varying flooring finishes.

Danfoss is a global leader in manufacturing electric heating systems with warranties ranging from 10-20 years.

Outdoor RX Roof & Gutter De-icing

Wintertime can bring all kinds of problems to homes and businesses from snow and ice build-up.  Danfoss RX Roof & Gutter De-Icing helps prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging buildings, roofs, and gutters with the RX Family.  

The self-limiting heating cables are very flexible and can be cut to length onsite due to the parallel power supply of the cables.  

Safe Ground and Roof with Danfoss