Electric Floor Heating by Danfoss

Enjoy Superior indoor comfort

with electric floor heating

Floor heating offers the triple benefits of energy savings, reduce costs and improved comfort. Danfoss electric floor heating is a small investment that brings maximum output. 

The electric floor heating system consists of thermostat-controlled heating cables or mats fitted below the surface of the floor. They react rapidly to changes in the indoor climate, radiating just the right amount of warmth and minimizing your energy cosumption.

Ask your installer about:

  • Heating cable EFTPC controlled EFET 535 - with basic controlling options
  • Heating cable EFTPC controlled EFIT 550 - with more advanced controlling options
  • Heating mat EFTM controlled via Danfoss Link - the most advanced combination, in which the thinnest heating mat is connected to the entire heating system and controlled via Danfoss Link.

LX Electric Floor Heating

LX Electric Floor Heating

RX Roof & Gutter De-icing

RX Roof & Gutter De-icing

GX Snow Melting

GX Snow Melting

PX Pipe Trace

PX Pipe Trace

EasyHeat Residential and Commercial Solutions

Heating Cable Solutions for temperature-related problems

For over 50 years, our expertise has provided the broadest line of heating cables in the industry, ensuring operational efficient, safety, and comfor 

With our extensive range of electrical heating cable product, Emerson provides econimical and preventative solutions to temperature related problems in any application. From eliminating frozen pipes, and ice dams on roofs, to keeping steps, walks and driveways clear and free of snow... From maintaining process pipe temperatures in a plant, to maintaining comfortable temperatures on your tile floor, we have the solution.


NuHeat Floor Heating

Find the Floor Heating you need

We offer Standard and custom mats, cable or mesh solutions-the ultimate in installation flexibility and performance; making nVent NuHeat systems the contractors choice for over 25 years.
We strogly believe in customizable solutions. From custom made floor heating mats manufactured in 3 days to customized services and tools, we understand your needs

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